Athletic Enhancement Program

We train athletes of any skill level to achieve their goals. Get the edge you need to WIN!

The MPF Athletic Enhancement program provides an individualized approach to the sport in which the client is involved. Our NEW 10,000 square foot Athletic Enhancement facility is floored with astro turf  and include Olympic lifting platforms, power racks, plyometric boxes, hurdles, Just Jump plyometric pad, as well as other modalities geared to improve athletic ability and injury prevention.

MPF Athletic EnhancementTraining Philosophy

  • Treat each athlete as an individual
  • The number one purpose for training is injury reduction and prevention: an injured athlete cannot compete
  • Assess the athletes: strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, and reaction time
  • Evaluate progress and adjust the training program accordingly
  • Develop optimally for specified sport: strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, and conditioning
  • Optimize eating strategies to fuel performance
  • Emphasize quality training more than quantity training
  • Optimally condition the energy systems based on the specific sport-skill is masked by fatigue
  • We are committed to our reputation of results.  We do this by staying on the cutting edge of training by attending several seminars yearly and researching new scientific literature.


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