Personal Training

Personal Training

Whether you are preparing for the upcoming recreation seasons or in need of reducing body fat, improving flexibility, dynamic and static core stability, cardiovascular health, or increasing strength levels, Maximum Performance & Fitness will help you reach your potential. Flexible ½ hour and 1 hour training sessions are offered Monday thru Saturday.

Our personal and group training sessions are designed to meet your specific goals through custom exercise and nutrition plans.

Nutritional Programs

The MPF nutritional program consists of body composition assessments (pre, mid and post assessment in a 4-week period) to monitor your progress along with weekly nutrition logs to enhance adherence. We use a 12-site body fat assessment called Bio-Signature Modulation and use the results to design your nutrition program. 

Our focus is to nourish the body with whole unprocessed food utilizing vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats and strategically placing starchy carbohydrates in the diet based on your body composition assessment. 

Personal Training Prices

30 Minute Personal Training

$40 per session

1 Hour Personal Training

$60 per session

Partner Training Prices

30 Minute Partner Training

$30 per session each

1 Hour Partner Training

$40 per session each

We treat each individual as such and develop a program based on goals, health history, orthopedics history, our fitness assessment, and the abilities of the individual.